Luke Dennehy: Sports Specific Training the Way Forward

Luke Dennehy (left) and Peter O'Keeffe going through a warming up excercise at the gym in Douglas. Picture: Niall O'Shea

Luke Dennehy (left) and Peter O’Keeffe going through a warming up excercise at the gym in Douglas.
Picture: Niall O’Shea

Luke Dennehy, owner of the Dennehy Health & Fitness gyms in Douglas and Ballincollig, started Peter O’Keeffe’s TPI journey in 2012 and he has an interesting view on the concept of golf specific fitness training.  He explained: “When I decided to get qualified in TPI back in 2012 it was purely for the niche in the market and not because of a background in golf or an real love for golf at the time.  I knew it wasn’t that common, but people like Tiger Woods were changing the golf game.  Fitness was fast become a huge part of golf as seen today with the likes of Rory McIlroy absolutely dominating golf courses and hitting short irons for their second shot on a par 5.

“I see what I did as the introduction, and I’d view what Peter is now doing as the main phase.  I had great understanding of the human body and kinetic chain alignment but luckily for me one of my first clients was Peter and he know all about golf and swing analysis, etc, so together we made a good team and I could come to him for advice on my other clients.  For example if one of my clients had an issue with their swing once I knew what the issue was I could find a physical weakness that may be the cause of it and then design a program to fix it, so Peter could watch the swing with me and find the problem.”

“That’s why I believe Peter is going to create something new with his TPI qualification, Peter knows fitness inside out, especially the components of fitness e.g. mobility, strength, power, endurance etc.  But Peter also knows golf inside out, he has worked with me and improved my swing massively in a short time and his teaching methods are second to none, the value he can add to any golfer is huge.  I would love to see him working a lot with kids because I have trained kids and have had tremendous results with and for anyone looking to someday be the next Rory McIlroy or Jordan Spieth what they learn from Peter at a young age could be the difference.”

“As an addition to Dennehy’s Health and Fitness Peter is exactly what we want, it is sport specific training at a professional level.  We could produce future stars out of this, how great it would be to have future Munster players, International soccer players, Pro fighters, PGA Tour golfers come out of Dennehys.  Basically we’re turning the gym into a performance institute.“

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