North Cork’s Golfing History

Mitchelstown Golf Club with the scenic Galtee Mountains in the backround.
Picture: Niall O’Shea

Golf in North Cork can be traced back to 1892, and almost 130 years later it’s still thriving.  While the rise of the sport exploded in the early part of the 19th century, it’s popularity remained strong right up to today.  It’s a testament to the North Cork clubs that they have withstood several challenges and remain popular destinations for both members and guests.  Fermoy holds the honour of hosting the earliest recorded golf match in 1892 when the locally based British army officers took on the neighbouring garrison in Lismore.  Fermoy Golf Clubs traces it’s history back to 1893, and like many other clubs they had several homes including the racecourse, the Aerodrome, and Continue reading


Frank to help Fight for Fionn

Frank HollyCharleville PGA Professional Frank Holly is involved in a pretty unique and demanding fundraiser at the end of this month.  Frank along with a few friends is holding a golf marathon on Saturday 23rd April and he’s planning on playing golf for a full day to raise funds for 2 year old Fionn Barry.  Frank reckons that the group will play 100 holes during event: “We will tee off at sunrise, aprox 6am, and play until dark (just after 9pm).  We will have a 3 club rule, no honour on the tees (even though Cathal Hawe in the group is a stickler for the honour).  There won’t be any Continue reading