Mahon Launch new Trackman Studio

Mahon juniors pictured with PGA Professional Stephen Hayes in the new Trackman Studio.

Mahon Golf Club have recently installed a new Trackman Studio which will be a huge boost for their members.  The new development comes after a few years of planning from the city club.  Given that the course has no means for expansion, a range or outdoor practice wasn’t an option, so the club instead looked at the option of building an indoor simulator.  2021 Club Captain Denis Kavanagh was one of the people behind the initiative and he explained how the exciting development came about.

“The Club Committee formed a sub-committee in 2020 to look into options available to develop some alternative to a practice range, that would provide members and juveniles alike with facilities to develop their game” said Kavanagh.  “After researching what options were available by contacting other clubs, and speaking with Golf Simulator suppliers both in the UK and Denmark, a preferred solution was agreed.  The sub-committee then met Continue reading

Trackman Sim now at Cork Golf Centre

Wayne O'Callaghan_Nov 2018_5Even though it’s less than two years old, Cork Golf Centre in Ballincollig continues to develop their offering to Cork golfers, with resident PGA Professional Wayne O’Callaghan investing in a new Trackman Simulator.  November can often be the quietest month of the year for anyone involved in golf, but not so for Wayne who has remodelled his teaching bay to incorporate the state of the art technology.  The new simulator was built earlier this month and already there has been a huge amount of interest in the new service.  “The trackman 4 was purchased with the aim of bringing the experience of playing golf to the range environment” explained Wayne who has been the resident pro since the range opened in 2017.  “Having owned previous Trackman models I knew what a quality product the Trackman 4 simulator would be Continue reading

Trackman Roy still on Course

Roy Clarke Trackman_1By any measure, Roy Clarke has had an interesting few years working in golf. Working for Trackman, the leading shot analysis system is a pretty cool job but it’s not even the most interesting job he’s had. Roy spent several years caddying on the LPGA tour, helping some of the biggest stars in the top ladies tour in the world. He’s now working with Trackman, the leading analysis tool used by professionals worldwide. Working off-course in the golf industry is limited to a small number of people and Roy covers all of Ireland and northern England in his current role. Like many golfers, it all started for Roy when he was young and he got his first taste for the game. “I started playing at 12, the folks bought me a full set of clubs from lifestyle sports worth €100 and a membership to Mahon Golf Club as a surprise one Christmas” said Roy. I couldn’t just look at them so I begged my mother to bring me down after the dinner. I was the only one out on the course. I’m sure it was closed, it was lashing, and I didn’t even know the rules. I played 36 holes a day once the summer hit, and I was golfing at a very good level by 18, playing off scratch.” It was clear that he was almost obsessive about the sport. A summer trip to the US would lead to the first stage of his golfing career. “I just had a love affair with golf and always knew it would be the industry I would work in” he continued. “The jigs and the reels would lead me to Bighorn Golf Club, Palm Springs for a Continue reading

Long Read: O’Keeffe takes golf fitness to new level

O’Keeffe Golf Fitness has opened a new location and has added to the services available to golfers of all levels.


Peter O’Keeffe training with the help of Trackman 4 at Dennehy’s Blackpool. Picture: Niall O’Shea

Although he’s only just over 12 months into a new career, Peter O’Keeffe has carved out a brand new market for golf fitness.  And that market is growing rapidly, O’Keeffe now has two locations providing screenings and exercises based on the Titleist Performance Institute fitness programme.  O’Keeffe set up in Dennhey’s Douglas in mid-2015, and from a standing start with no clients, Peter saw the business grow rapidly which meant opening a dedicated golf section when Dennehy’s were planning to open a new gym in Blackpool.  With dedicated training areas for golf fitness clients in both Douglas and Blackpool, Mark O’Connell has also come on board to deal with the growing demand for golf specific fitness training.  When Peter started in Douglas he was using the existing infrastructure, the gym and a large room which was normally used for classes.  As Blackpool was a new fit –out, this gave him the opportunity to develop a customised gym and golf performance room.  The performance room has a driving bay, and with the help of state of the art Trackman technology, O’Keeffe can not only observe the movement but he can also track results.  Detailed notes and statistics can be kept on mobility, speed and flexibility as well as the results from the simulated shots in the driving bay.  The customised gym provides golfer with a dedicated area for golf specific training while there’s also access to the large gym.  “During the plans for our new gym in Blackpool we added a golf performance room in the plans” explained O’Keeffe.  “I always had the vision of a golfer coming for a physical assessment for golf but Continue reading