Glorious Geoff embarrasses playing partners

Gary O'Flaherty Geoff Lenehan

Superstitious Geoff going through his usual routine of sniffing the golf ball before every shot

Geoff Lenehan shamed his playing partners today with an amazing display of golf that saw his leave his partners hanging their heads in disgust as he stormed ahead of them.

Lenehan, who for the first time in his career was part of the tallest threeball on the course, avoided the embarrassment of a triple bogey on the easiest par four on the course, he also avoided a double on the easy 16th.

As a result of the wonderful round, Lelehan was allowed to leave the threeball, and O’Keeffe and Cannon will have a box jumping contest on the 1st tee tomorrow to decide who goes through to the second mtchplay round.  Meanwhile Lenehan was rewarded with  soft draw against some hack from the north west.