Muskerry Lead the Charge for New Members

Muskerry are one of the early birds looking at 2016, they have put in place a very attractive offer for new members under the age of 35.  Munster clubs have seen membership drop by over 20% in the past five years, that’s over 7,400 members between the 86 clubs.  Nationally the game has lost almost 50,000 members so many clubs are now looking at new ways to attract and retain members.  In addition to the membership loss, clubs are also having to manage an aging profile.  This has an impact on revenue and in many clubs, older members qualify for discounts or reduced membership fees.  At a recent EGM, Muskerry approved a new scheme that will see new members pay €520 in their first year of membership.  They then graduate to €700 in the second year and €900 in the third year.  After the third year the member reverts onto the normal membership rate.

Muskerry U35The main element of the motion was to acknowledge that the demographic of the Club was getting older and that some measures will have to be brought in to try and combat this” said Muskerry’s Joe O’Keeffe, “ We see that increasing golfers in our under 35 age bracket would benefit the club and therefore we needed to come up with a plan.  Its aim is to help those who fall under the age category to get either back into golf or to come into golf in the first instance.”  Joe O’Keeffe explained “We also wanted to give a benefit to our own Junior and Student golfers who fall into this age bracket, that when they come out of the Junior and Student categories that they didn’t have to come straight into full membership and the cost involved with that.  We think it’s a great offer for a quality city course and would hope that young people will jump at the opportunity to get into golf at an affordable rate.”  Members joining under the new offer can only avail of it once.  In addition to the under 35’s rate, Muskerry also have a new members rate of €800 for the first year for new members who don’t qualify for the under 35 offer.