New Governance Structure for GUI

The Golfing Union of Ireland is pushing ahead with changes in its structures and governance.  Following the appointment of the governing body’s first CEO last year, the Union recently approved series of major constitutional changes. The revised GUI Constitution paves the way for the creation of an 11-Member Board of the GUI, which will replace the current Executive Committee.

“The introduction of a board, with external competency-based members, is one of a number of steps that the GUI is taking towards creating a more open organisation” said Pat Finn, CEO of the GUI.  “The change will facilitate the more efficient conduct of the Union’s business, through a board with a diverse, collective set of skills”.  Finn previously held the role of General Secretary and was appointed as CEO after a competitive open recruitment process.  The Officers of the Union will be the President, President-Elect, Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer.  In addition, the four Provincial Branches of the Union will have each have one nominee on the Board.  The provision for an Independent Chairman and two Independent Members is a significant departure for the Union and paves the way for greater diversity and accountability.  According to the GUI, the creation of a Board will optimise the leadership capacity of the Union, ensuring that the GUI’s Strategy and Policies can be delivered in an efficient and effective manner.

The Independent Chairperson will serve a three-year term and shall only be eligible for re-election once.  The independent members of the Board will also serve a three-year term and are eligible for re-election once.  The promotion of the amateur game still remains at the core of the Union and the new board will also give consideration to the views of all its key stakeholders, including the Provincial Branches and also Union Members, Sub-Committees as well as investors and businesses engaged in the game.