New handicap rules as qualifying returns

ConguMany clubs will see a return to qualifying conditions this week, and it will mark the start new handicap rules.  From January (and in practice this week), the number of upward revisions (+0.1) a golfer can receive will be limited to 10.  CONGU announced several changes last November, but the “point 1” is the change that is percieved to have the biggest impact for golfers.

This means that a golfers handicap can only increase by a one shot in 2016.  The new rules also take account of handicap reductions and it states that the one shot increase must be measured from your lowest playing handicap of the year.  That means if a golfer is cut two shots, then they can’t get back to their starting handicap in the current year.

Many people have welcomed the introduction of the limit in upward revisions, and some have said it will have a big impact on competition entries (club and open) in the second half of the year.  Time will tell if it does indeed have an impact on entries, time will also tell if it has the desired impact the management of handicaps.

Golfnet provided a list of the CONGU changes that are effective from 1st Jan 2016:

• Exact Handicaps: In Ireland lowest exact handicap is now restricted to 1.0 stroke increase in a calendar year.
• Four Ball Better Ball Handicap Allowance: In stroke play each partner will receive 90% of their full handicap, and in match play the back marker now concedes strokes to the other three players based on 90% of the difference between the full handicaps rather than 75% (3/4) as at present
• Reinstatement of Handicap Status: The reinstatement of a competition status handicap requires a player to submit 3 qualifying scores (which could be 18 hole competitions, 9 hole competitions or Supplementary Scores both home and/or away)
• Continuous Handicap Review: To assist with this process there will now be a computer generated report which highlights those players with 7 consecutive 0.1 increases. Handicap Committees are now recommended to review the performance of such players and to give due consideration to applying a handicap increase where applicable or required.
• Dates – The handicap year will now follow the calendar year,1 January to 31 December, and a player’s handicap will be based on scores returned within that period


Full Article from Golfnet