The Famous Cork Scratch Cup

Munster Strokeplay Championship, Munster Golf, Cork Golf Club, Sunday 30th April 2017

2017 winner Barry Anderson with the Cork Scratch Cup

Many people will know that this weekend’s competition is called the Munster Strokeplay, but not everyone will know that when the event was given Championship status it had the additional designation of “incorporating the Cork Scratch Cup”.  The Cork Scratch Cup is one of the oldest trophies in Irish golf and according to Cork’s GM Matt Sands, it the original cup that was awarded over 90 years ago.  The cup dates from 1923 and it holds the names of the all of the winners.

The trophy was presented by William Dwyer, a man and a family that are synonymous with Cork Golf Club, and the same person who started the inter-society competition which still runs today.  Dwyer presented the trophy in 1923 and won it in himself in 1924.  The trophy bears the names of the great Cork Golf Club stalwarts, Crosbie, Simcox, Bruen and Higgins are all represented, with Jimmy Bruen claiming four consecutive titles from 1938-1941.  There was a gap of four years during the war and Redmond Simcox won his fourth title in 1947 when the competition resumed.  Simcox was one of three golfers to win the title five times, GF Crosbie and Denis O’Sullivan being the other two.  Jimmy Bruen won it four times, as did Tom Cleary and JD McCormack.

The competition was played as a matchplay event for many years, and when it was subsumed into the Munster Strokeplay in 2006 it became a 72 hole strokeplay competition.  Conor Doran (Banbridge) won the initial staging, and Niall Gorey (Muskerry) went on to win three of the next five titles.  Barry Anderson (The Royal Dublin) added to his 2014 title last year and in doing so joined a small elite group of multiple winners in the past 40 years.

No less than four previous winners are in the Munster Strokeplay field this weekend as they aim to add their name again on the famous trophy.

Cork Scratch Cup Winners

1923 – 2017

1923 J F Nicholson
1924 William Dwyer
1925 J D McCormack
1926 J D McCormack
1927 W R Ogilvie
1928 Redmond Simcox
1929 D J Collins
1930 D J Collins
1931 W R Ogilvie
1932 J D McCormack
1933 G Crosbie Jnr
1934 Redmond Simcox
1935 W M O’Sullivan
1936 J D McCormack
1937 A W Briscoe
1938 J Bruen Jnr
1939 J Bruen Jnr
1940 J Bruen Jnr
1941 J Bruen Jnr
1942 Redmond Simcox
1947 Redmond Simcox
1948 G F Crosbie
1949 Redmond Simcox
1950 W M O’Sullivan
1951 M  Power
1952 W M O’Sullivan
1953 G F Crosbie
1954 M  Power
1955 Capt John Fitzgibbon
1956 G F Crosbie
1957 M  Power
1958 J Murray
1959 T Higgins
1960 T W Egan
1961 J Bowen
1962 G F Crosbie
1963 Edward Higgins
1964 G F Crosbie
1965 G H McCormack
1966 Edward Higgins
1967 Liam Higgins
1968 Liam Higgins
1969 T W Egan
1970 J Bowen
1971 T Craddock
1972 F Wright
1973 L D Goulding
1974 B G Streather
1975 J Mehigan
1976 T P O’Brien
1977 A D Pierse
1978 B McDaid
1979 Brian Begley
1980 M L Guerin
1981 D F O’Sullivan
1982 D F O’Sullivan
1983 J G Fitzgerald
1984 D F O’Sullivan
1985 Arthur Pierse
1986 Tom Cleary
1987 John Morris Jnr
1988 John G Kavanagh
1989 Tom Cleary
1990 Niall Goulding
1991 Niall Goulding
1992 Garry Murphy
1993 Pat Murray
1994 Denis O’Sullivan
1995 Denis O’Sullivan
1996 Kieran McCarthy
1997 Pat Lyons
1998 Gary Murphy
1999 Padraig Dooley
2000 Michael O’Kelly
2001 Karl Bornemann
2002 Tom Cleary
2003 Pat Lyons
2004 Tom Cleary
2005 Dermot Costelloe
2006 Conor Doran
2007 Niall Gorey
2008 Niall Gorey
2009 Pat Murray
2010 Rory Leonard
2011 Niall Gorey
2012 Brian Casey
2013 Kieran McCarthy
2014 Barry Anderson
2015 Shaun Carter
2016 Cathal Butler
2017 Barry Anderson