Registry of Interests

It may not be of interest to many, but it’s in my interest to publish what I do, why I do it, and who pays.  I started covering local golf for the Evening Echo in 2004.  Soon after that I developed a presence on social media, and in early 2014 I developed the website*.

I am delighted to say that I am still a contributor to The Echo, and really thankful for their support over 18 years.  Over the last two decades I have had the great pleasure of meeting many fine people involved in the sport from leading journalists to course managers, from top amateurs to leading Irish professionals, from passionate 15 year olds, to even more passionate 65 year olds.  I’ve met a huge number of passionate club members and advocates, and overall I have to say that the vast majority have been sound.  And that’s my rule, I like dealing with sound people.

I don’t make a fortune from this, as many of you know I do have a full time job.  It’s probably fair to say that it’s a hobby with benefits.  Transparency is important, and that’s why this page is here, if you have any specific questions please email me,

My Interests

I am a paid contributor for The Echo and provide a weekly page of local golf news.  I occasionally submit photographs and editorial copy for the Irish Examiner.

I provide other national outlets and journalists with photographs to promote Cork and Munster golf when I take pictures at events.  I am not generally remunerated for these pictures.

In certain situations I take photographs at club events by request and charge a modest fee for these services.  I have worked in the past in a PR support capacity for clubs, the GUI and specific events.  The pictures on the website are offered for sale, but I have not charged for emailed or printed photographs for a number of years (lets just say it wasn’t a key source of revenue).

Since 2021 I have volunteered at events for Golf Ireland, and claim allowed expenses in line with the published policies.  This sometimes coincides with the general coverage I provide but not always.

On occasion I receive offers of free or reduced price golf and although I don’t play a huge amount of golf, I have availed of these.  I have benefitted from discounts on golf clothing, clubs and mobile phone repairs (don’t ask…), and on occasion I have reciprocated with ads on the website.  I don’t solicit complimentary golf or merchandise, and I have never asked for a quid-pro-quo arrangement.  I will admit that I have been known to help myself to a coffee or two in numerous on-course pro-shops (thanks lads…) .

I pay WordPress for this website, I also pay Google and Flickr for hosting.  I have a large collection of rapidly ageing second-hand cameras and lenses, and a larger collection of banged up and obsolete laptops.  These were all purchased by me.  I do not have advertisers or sponsors but this is an area I may need to develop as costs rise.

And that’s about it.  This is not meant to be definitive or exhaustive, for anyone that’s interested I hope it gives you an idea of how and why I do this.  I may or may not be doing this in 5 or 10 years time, but as long as I’m doing it I hope I can continue to do it my way.

Niall O’Shea

Updated June 2022



*and if you’re wondering what the asterix means, ask me the next time you see me