Join TopDog Golfer’s first event this weekend

A brand new type of golf competition has entered the Irish market and the first event takes place this weekend.  Unlike other competitions, this event will take place at courses across the country as it allows you to play on your home course.

TopDog Golfer is Cork’s newest golf brand, and the company recently launched their app which allows golfers to run fun competitions with friends.  The app provides a live leaderboard and as well as running competitions over a single course, it also provides multi-course games.

TopDog Golfer in association with McGuirks Golf are running an exciting launch event this weekend. This weekend’s competition is a multi-course competition open to club golfers playing in their own club competition or in an open event.  You simply enter the event through the TopDog Golfer app and record your scores in addition to your club scorecard.  The competition is being held over Saturday and Sunday and a large number of prizes are on offer.

Entry to the event is just €5 and a live leaderboard is available on the TopDog Golfer app.  Prizes are based on categories 1,2 & 3+ meaning everyone has a chance of winning.  The event is being run in association with McGuirks Golf.  To enter, you can download the app here.

The TopDog Golfer app has been in testing for the past few months with several Cork golfers already using the app to record scores and have a friendly wager on outings.  The app provides a live leaderboard function, keeping everyone in the know as the event progresses.  As well as being used by groups of friends, it’s also an ideal resource for societies, corporates and classic organisers add an extra element of fun to their day.