Carroll & Hennessy set for Golf Fitness Masterclass

Mike Carroll Fit for Golf_4Fitness experts Mike Carroll and Liam Hennessy are bringing a golf fitness masterclass to Cork in a few weeks, and the exciting event promises to be a sell-out as the two specialists will share information on what they call the 5 Pillars of Golf Strength & Conditioning.  The evening seminar aims to give golfers a better understanding of the links between golf specific physical training and performance on the course.  Cork native Mike Carroll has been based in the US for the past three years, while Liam Hennessy is the founder of Setanta College and has almost 30 years experience working with elite teams and athletes across many sports.  Both experts worked together earlier this year, and when Mike was looking at Continue reading


Long Read: O’Keeffe takes golf fitness to new level

O’Keeffe Golf Fitness has opened a new location and has added to the services available to golfers of all levels.


Peter O’Keeffe training with the help of Trackman 4 at Dennehy’s Blackpool. Picture: Niall O’Shea

Although he’s only just over 12 months into a new career, Peter O’Keeffe has carved out a brand new market for golf fitness.  And that market is growing rapidly, O’Keeffe now has two locations providing screenings and exercises based on the Titleist Performance Institute fitness programme.  O’Keeffe set up in Dennhey’s Douglas in mid-2015, and from a standing start with no clients, Peter saw the business grow rapidly which meant opening a dedicated golf section when Dennehy’s were planning to open a new gym in Blackpool.  With dedicated training areas for golf fitness clients in both Douglas and Blackpool, Mark O’Connell has also come on board to deal with the growing demand for golf specific fitness training.  When Peter started in Douglas he was using the existing infrastructure, the gym and a large room which was normally used for classes.  As Blackpool was a new fit –out, this gave him the opportunity to develop a customised gym and golf performance room.  The performance room has a driving bay, and with the help of state of the art Trackman technology, O’Keeffe can not only observe the movement but he can also track results.  Detailed notes and statistics can be kept on mobility, speed and flexibility as well as the results from the simulated shots in the driving bay.  The customised gym provides golfer with a dedicated area for golf specific training while there’s also access to the large gym.  “During the plans for our new gym in Blackpool we added a golf performance room in the plans” explained O’Keeffe.  “I always had the vision of a golfer coming for a physical assessment for golf but Continue reading

Peter O’Keeffe, still in love with the game of Golf

Peter pictured at Dennehys Health & Fitness in Douglas. Picture: Kestutis Anuzis

Peter pictured at Dennehys Health & Fitness in Douglas.
Picture: Kestutis Anuzis

After several years as a professional golfer, Peter O’Keeffe is returning to the amateur ranks, but the Douglas man still intends to make a career from the sport, working as one of a few specialist golf fitness coaches.  O’Keeffe has recently completed his certification as a Titleist Performance Institute Fitness instructor and has started a new golf fitness business based in Dennehy’s Health & Fitness in  Douglas.

O’Keeffe’s interest in fitness and sports science started over a decade ago, when he attended Southeastern Louisiana University on a golf scholarship.  As well as playing golf at the highest collegiate level, Peter studied sports science in his years in Louisiana.  That gave him a solid foundation in the scientific end of the fitness and physiology, and his interest in the area was Continue reading

Tour Life Ain’t Cheap

Peter performning one of the stability and core strengthening exercises from the TPI training programme. Picture: Kestutis Anuzis

Peter performing one of the stability and core strengthening exercises from the TPI training programme.
Picture: Kestutis Anuzis

For every Rory McIlroy there are hundreds if not thousands of professional golfers who try to make it on tour.  In Ireland alone around a dozen amateurs turn professional every year.  In addition to the European Challenge Tour, there are several mini-tours which offer aspiring professionals a chance to put a card in their pocket every week.  However the pro-tours are not cheap to compete in, as Peter explains:  “An average week on any of the pro tours
in Europe will cost €1,000 at least [entry fees, travel and accommodation], tour school entry is €2,000 and that’s before you buy yourself a sandwich.  At no point would I moan about my time as a tour player, I achieved quite a lot in my career and it has led me to meet all the people that are now closest to me so there are no sour grapes.  Professional golf is an amazing occupation provided the path is clear for your schedule but more importantly your mind.   I could never jump the financial hurdle that would have allowed me to forget everything and send the ball where it needed it to go.  Travelling the world with your clubs to play the best courses week after week is a great experience but the bank balance was always Continue reading