Carroll & Hennessy set for Golf Fitness Masterclass

Mike Carroll Fit for Golf_4Fitness experts Mike Carroll and Liam Hennessy are bringing a golf fitness masterclass to Cork in a few weeks, and the exciting event promises to be a sell-out as the two specialists will share information on what they call the 5 Pillars of Golf Strength & Conditioning.  The evening seminar aims to give golfers a better understanding of the links between golf specific physical training and performance on the course.  Cork native Mike Carroll has been based in the US for the past three years, while Liam Hennessy is the founder of Setanta College and has almost 30 years experience working with elite teams and athletes across many sports.  Both experts worked together earlier this year, and when Mike was looking at holding an event in Cork, Liam was quick to get involved as Mike explained.  “Liam read a couple of articles I had written about different aspects of Golf Fitness, which lead to Setanta College reaching out to see if I was interested in becoming a contributor to the blog on their website.  When I told them I was planning a workshop in Cork in September, they were interested in collaborating.”

The aim of the masterclass is to demonstrate to golfers the value of golf specific physical training and Mike Carroll is confident that they have a relevant agenda for the evening.  “As golf strength and conditioning is a relatively new concept there is a great amount of confusion as to how a golfer should train for increased performance, longevity, and injury prevention” explained Carroll who is now based in California.  “The information in this workshop will give golfers a clearer understanding of what’s actually important and worth spending your time on.  Regardless of age, fitness level, or golf playing standard you can benefit from implementing the information shared in this workshop.  “More yards and years on the course” is a tagline I recently saw, and this is something I’m certain I can help you with.”  The event takes place in the One Arena in Pouladuff on Tuesday 3rd September.  The evening event starts at 6.30 and tickets are available from €36 – €45.  Full details are available on the Setanta College website.

The event is a great opportunity for golfer to hear from Liam Hennessy, with almost 30 years of experience in elite sports performance coaching, Hennessy is also the founder of Setanta College.

Liam-Hennessy-minHennesy’s involvement with elite sports goes back more over three decades, one of his first major successes came when he worked with the Tipperary hurling team in 1991, they went on to win the All Ireland final.  From 2000, Liam was the Director of Fitness with the IRFU and spent an exciting ten years with the sport as it developed into the modern game.  In that time the Liam was part of the team that developed a world class structure around player support within the areas of strength and conditioning, injury rehabilitation, sport nutrition and medical care.  Hennessy has also worked with Padraig Harrington for close to 20 years, and was his coach when Harrington won his three majors.  Harrington is also the chairman of Setanta College where Liam is now Academic Director.  For Mike Carroll, the return to Cork is a short one, but he’s delighted to mix work with pleasure during his stay.

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Carroll has almost a decade of experience.  After completing his degree in Sport & Exercise in UL, Mike started working in Cork, and soon after graduating he decided that golf fitness was the area he wanted to specialise in.  Starting from Fitnessworx in Cork he went on the gain the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certification, the industry standard in golf fitness. He completed the TPI Golf Fitness Professional Level 1 stage in the UK in 2015, and has since gone on to complete Level 2 and Level 3 in the US.  In late 2016, once a programme with the Cork Senior Ladies football team was completed Mike moved to California.

Working with Hansen Golf Fitness, this allowed the former Mahon member to focus exclusively on golf, something that wasn’t really an option in Cork at the time.  While the move to California has worked out well for Mike, he’s also taking advantage of technology to build his brand and he’s even using it to work directly with clients.  “A huge part of my time in the US has been spent trying to develop Fit For Golf’s online presence and services.  Everyone is aware how much improving technology is making information so easily accessible to the masses and I’m trying to stay ahead of the curve in that regard. I’ve written a number of articles for TPI, GolfWRX, and on my own website.  I’ve also released the Fit For Golf Warm-Up Manual and a number of online golf specific training programs on the Fit For Golf App. Most weeks I have a couple of new clients schedule TPI Assessments which are done via Skype. These golfers could be anywhere in the world, and with the power of the internet it’s as if you’re in the same room.”  Mike now has several clients in Cork and across the world, and his Fit for Golf app gives those clients access to programmes and support regardless of their location.  After the seminar next month it’s back to California for Mike, unlike many involved in golf in Ireland, there’s traditional off-season break for him.  “Golf in Southern California is year round.  Summer is actually the quietest time in the facility as so many people go on holiday, and a lot of the juniors travel to play tournament golf.  School will be back in full swing next month, and as people’s routines get back to normal the coaching schedule will start to build back up.  The Autumn is our busiest time, we will bring the clients we have not seen in a while through our evaluation process so we can see how they are doing compared to when they left for the summer.”