William Dwyer Trophy Final

The final of one of Cork’s oldest golf competitions takes place in Cork Golf Club on Tuesday.  Eight teams will take part in the William Dwyer Trophy final, Ireland’s oldest inter-society competition.


Tues 7th July 2015
2:00     Senior Circle  “A”      No.1                            &         Cork Airport               No.1
2:08     Senior Circle  “A”      No.2                            &         Cork Airport               No.2
2:16     Senior Circle  “A”      No.3                            &         Cork Airport               No.3
2:24     Senior Circle  “A”      No.4                            &         Cork Airport               No.4
2:32     Lada                            No.1                            &         Midleton CBS             No.1
2:40     Lada                            No.2                            &         Midleton CBS             No.2
2:48     Lada                            No.3                            &         Midleton CBS             No.3
2:56     Lada                            No.4                            &         Midleton CBS             No.4
3:04     Mollies                        No.1                            &         Senior Circle “B”        No.1
3:12     Mollies                        No.2                            &         Senior Circle “B”        No.2
3:20     Mollies                        No.3                            &         Senior Circle “B”        No.3
3:28     Mollies                        No.4                            &         Senior Circle “B”        No.4
3:36     ESB Marina                No.1                            &         Blackrock Inn             No.1
3:44     ESB Marina                No.2                            &         Blackrock Inn             No.2
3:52     ESB Marina                No.3                            &         Blackrock Inn             No.3
4:00     ESB Marina                No.4                            &         Blackrock Inn             No.4

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