Closing date for nominations approaching, Munster Branch Officers & Provincial Council

Munster Golf LogoThe closing date for nominations for the Provincial Council of the Munster Branch is Tuesday next 1st November.  Nominations are currently open for the 17 provincial council positions, as well as the four officer posts.  Chairman John Moloughney will be leaving the post as he goes on to take up the role of President Elect of the Golfing Union of Ireland.

The Annual Delegates Meeting of Munster Golf takes place on Tuesday  29th November 2016 at the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow, at an later time of 6.30p.m. by popular demand.

Meeting Notice:

Submission of Notice (s) of Motion for discussion at the Annual Delegates Meeting are to be  received no later than Tuesday 18th October 2016 at 5.00pm.  Submission for Club’s Nominee(s) for position of Officers (4) and Members of the Provincial Council (17) are to be received before Tuesday lst November 2016 by 5.00pm.

Submission of Delegates so appointed by your Club to attend the Annual Delegates Meeting are to be received no later than Tuesday the l5th Noveber 2016 by 5.00pm.

Each Club shall be entitled to Delegate Representation on the Branch in proportion to the number of Members in respect of whom Union Subscriptions and Provincial Levies have been paid as stated in its last Annual Return to the Union, and according to the following scale:
(a) Up to 100 Members One Delegate
(b)From 101 to 200 Members Two Delegates
(c)From 201 to 400 Members Three Delegates
(d)From 401 Members and Up Four Delegates
(e)University Club One Delegate
No club shall be entitled to more than four Delegates
Any queries please contact the office on 022 21026