Wedding Pics

This was the handiest way to do it.

Starting with pics on the balcony or Maria at the hotel entrance and I’ll shoot from the balcony:



You’re better off jumping into my car to go down, it’s still a bit of a walk from the edge of the car park.  I’ll have my car ready and a parking space reserved:



Wind above all else will decide indoor or outdoor, they’ll make that call on Thurs morning but we’ll assume it’s outdoor.  Places for pics of the two of you (plus kids in some pics:

The beach is pretty inaccessible, there’s a stream on the left side and steep steps on the right.  It’s no big issue going there, just that it will take 5-10 mins to get down, the same to get up and the beach will be busy.  On the plus side it will be low tide to there will be plenty of sand.

Might be as well to do family pics inside, nice area here with great lighting, it’s a lobby before you get into the function room, nice drawing room and couple of nice spots for some couple photo’s too: