Munster Golf update Handicap Committee Advice

Munster Golf LogoMunster Golf have just released an updated list of key points for club handicap committees.  The initiative follows a commitment made at the Annual Delegates Meeting to continue the efforts to stamp out handicap cheating.

The eight page document includes a very important piece on the mandatory reporting of all golf scores – including non qualifying events.  There is a feeling that not all golfers of club officials realise the obligations that are already in place regarding the reporting of scores.  The document also contains important references to the Rules of Golf and the CONGU rulebook which should help to educate and empower Handicap Secretary’s, Competition Secretary’s and everyone involved with competitions at club level.

Reporting Scores – Mandatory – Home or Away – All forms of Golf
(b) Non Qualifying Scores. – 4 Balls/ Scrambles/Classics/Societies – Relevant clauses are at (4.5(b), pg 19), (8.10 + 8.12, pg 24), (23.7 IrelandNote- pg 51) Direction from Union to report NQ Scores for immediate consideration/action for General Play Adjustment (Except Category 1 players). NB: In Ireland Players and Clubs must report Non Qualifying scores to Home Clubs: See 8.12 GP Adjustment based on Nett Diff, with Clause 19 adjustment if necessary, and SSS. This is a GPA and can not take effect until the player is notified personally agreed method, 23.5) Players who fail to comply with their obligations or responsibilities may be dealt with under Clause 24.1 pg 55 All other forms of Golf are for consideration as notable using the guidelines as set out in Appendix M at Page 86

Full text of Munster Golf’s Key Points for Handicap Committees: