Conor Dowling’s US Open Report – Thursday

Not a good day at the office today!  The morning went to plan, we got to the course and had a good warm up.  We followed the schedule and James was feeling good, he was hitting it really well on the range.  But when we got out on the course he missed his spots by a yard or two and that just killed him.  Its amazing that a yard or two can make such a difference but we knew it was going to be tight, and that small margin meant that James couldn’t get anything going.

Although the golf was tough for James, the company was good, Lee Westwood was absolutely sound to the both of us.  Bubba didn’t say much but his caddie Teddy was hilarious and a great character.  It was cool to see Bubba take a driver off the deck at one stage, you don’t see too many people trying that on tour.

Conor Dowling’s US Open Report – Wednesday



We have an early start in the morning, we’re off the 1st tee at 7.34am.   That means a quick turnaround so we’re already switched on to the second round.  We’re here and we have a job to do.  The plan for tomorrow is very simple – shoot 65!